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4056 Upright Style Cleaning Brush

4056 Upright Style Cleaning Brush
4056 Upright Style Cleaning Brush
Upright style nylon cleaning or gluing brush was originally a typewriter cleaning tool, can be used for gluing, stippling, or other cleaning applications. 2 rows by 6 of black nylon bristle is securely set in plain, white wood handle.

Discount Per Size: 3 Dozen-10%, 6 Dozen-15%, 12 Dozen-20%
Catalog # MaterialOverall SizeTrim WidthBrush Part Length Price Quanitity
4056N Nylon5 1/21 5/167/8 $1.60
4056SS Stainless Steel5 1/21 5/167/8 $1.65
4056B Brass5 1/21 5/167/8 $1.93
4056H Horsehair5 1/21 5/167/8 $1.77
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