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P 87 Dope or Acid Brushes

P 87 Dope or Acid Brushes
P 87 Dope or Acid Brushes

White wood handle acid brush with black horsehair bristle firmly held by metal ferrule. Priced and sold as single items.

Our P87 dope or acid brush is great for one-time or repeat use in acid, glue, paste, soldering, touch-up, dusting, or other general-purpose applications.  Wood handle is wider and more comfortable than tin handle found on our P series acid brushes.  Horsehair bristle is solvent-resistant.  

Discount per Size: 3 Doz-10%, 6 Doz-15%, 12 Doz-20%

Catalog # Overall SizeTrim WidthBrush Part Length Price Quantity
P87 73/41 $0.88