Solo Horton Brushes

Chip Brushes

Chip brushes are designed to function as miniature brooms, brushing debris from machinery or other tight spaces. Unfinished, flat wood handles make them comfortable to hold and easy to grip. They also make a great disposable brush for one-time-use applications where economy is essential. A chip brush can be used for a variety of applications including:

  • painting & paint touch-up
  • adhesives, glues and solvents like paint remover
  • general cleanup

Solo Horton chip brushes are available in domestic-grade (for quality) and import-grade (for economy). Our chip brushes are made with all-natural white China bristle, firmly set in epoxy, with a wooden handle. They are safe to use with paints, resins, glues, epoxy, and solvents. With thousands of chip brushes in stock, we can serve your bulk chip brush needs.

Custom Work

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