Solo Horton Brushes

Cleaning and Utility Brushes

 What do you want to remove, and what do you want to keep? Our manual utility and cleaning brushes handle virtually any base metal or cleaning job.

 Find the perfect fit — choose your utility brush from our wide range of materials and sizes, including parts cleaning brushes and toothbrush-style brushes.  You’ll find a good fit for hands, too, with easy-grip handles in plastic or wood. For maximum abrasion, use stainless steel bristles. For less, try aluminum, brass, nylon, horsehair, or Tampico. All are set tight in tough epoxy to resist solvents.

Solo Horton cleaning and utility brushes are used in all kinds of work:
Buffing  •  Descaling  •  Polishing  •  Scouring  •  Stripping
Descaling  •  Deburring  •  Rust removal  •  Dirt removal
Oil or grease removal  •  Delicate or light work  •  Virtually any cleaning job

And if you’re looking for a plater brush, our 916 halftone is a hard-to-find original.

All utility brushes are in stock and ready for immediate bulk or individual shipment.  Simply select a category below for product details and pricing.

Custom Work

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