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2023 White Bristle Fan Brush

2023 White Bristle Fan Brush
2023 White Bristle Fan Brush

Finest quality pure white bristle fan paint brush. Bristle is hand cupped to form a thin edge fan shape. Seamless aluminum ferrule. Polished maroon handle. Truly fine artist quality. Overall length approximately 8 inches.

Discount Per Size: 3 Dozen-10%, 6 Dozen-15%, 12 Dozen-20%

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2023 SZ 1
2023 SZ 3
2023 SZ 6
Catalog # Nominal SizeFan Width (in.) Price Quantity
2023 SZ 1 11/2 $3.16
2023 SZ 3 311/16 $3.64
2023 SZ 6 67/8 $4.95

Questions & Answers

  • what is the price if I purchased 3 dz of the 2023 sz 1

    Thank you for your RFQ. Your cost is 2.655 ea. The item is in stock and ready to ship.

  • Hi...what kind kind of fibers are the brushes made of? Are they natural or synthetic hairs?

    Thank you,

    Thank you for your inquiry. White bristle is natural.

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