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210/214 Metal Paint Tray and Disposable Liner

210/214 Metal Paint Tray and Disposable Liner
Starting at $0.78

9 inch metal paint tray with a 2 quart capacity. Ladder lock legs included. Optional number 214 - 9 inch paint tray liner, fits nicely into the 210 metal tray and saves clean up time. Paint Tray and Disposable Liners are sold separately.

Discount Per Size: 2 Dozen-10%, 4 Dozen-15%, 6 Dozen-20%

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Catalog # Item Price Quantity
210 Tray $6.04
214 Liner $0.78

Questions & Answers

  • Hello Solo, we are interested in your #214 Paint Tray Liners.
    We have run int trouble with these before, they seem to come in a multitude of different sizes and there are no standards for this product...
    Can you give me the physical dimensions of the 214 liners? Something like 11"x16½”x2½”?

    Thank you, Paul S.


    Thank you for your inquiry. Our 214 liner is 16" x 12" x 2 1/4". The liner depth is tapered and 2 1/4" at its deepest.

    Josh Adams

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