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5600 Finest Pure Horsehair Push Broom

5600 Finest Pure Horsehair Push Broom
5600 Finest Pure Horsehair Push Broom

Generously filled with pure black horsehair. For sweeping smooth floors. 3 inch trim and a very good value. Please choose from the X series handles.

Discount Per Size: 1 Dozen-10%, 3 Dozen-15%, 6 Dozen-20%

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Catalog # Brush Width (in.)Trim Length (in.) Price Quantity
5618 183 $28.52
5624 243 $37.50
5636 363 $54.60

Questions & Answers

  • Please explain what the trim length means.


    Thank you for your inquiry. Trim length is the length of the bristles. The horsehair bristles on the 5600 brooms are 3 inches long.

    Josh Adams

  • Is this a fine bristle broom to sweep smooth floors and not kick up dust like a hard bristle broom

    Yes, the horsehair bristles provide excellent coverage. The 5600 is our best broom for dust and small particles.
    Thank you for your inquiry,

  • Which handle fits the 5624?

    Any of our X series handles -
    Thank you,

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