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1300 Manually Operated Nylon Tube Brushes

nylon tube brushes
Starting at $0.90
  • Cylinder brushes are filled with Dupont Tynex nylon and have excellent wear resistance
  • Although more susceptible to strong solvents than bristle filled brushes, nylon is stiffer, wears longer and cleans easier
  • Perfect for manually cleaning internal surfaces such as tubes or threaded holes
  • Twisted steel wire handle
  • Priced per piece

Discount Per Size: 3 Dozen-10%, 6 Dozen-15%, 12 Dozen-20%

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Catalog # Brush Diameter (in.)Overall Length (in.)Brush Part Length (in.)Diameter of Nylon Price Quantity
1301 1/86 1/42.005 $0.99
1303 1/46 1/42.005 $0.90
1305 3/86 1/42.008 $0.97
1307 1/28 1/23.010 $1.04
1309 3/48 1/23.010 $1.19
1311 1124.014 $1.48
1313 1 1/4134.014 $1.70
1315 1 1/2134.014 $1.92
1317 216 1/25.016 $2.37

Questions & Answers

  • Looking for 10 and 6mm brushes to clean Auto glow plug channel


    Thank you for your inquiry. Based on your specs we recommend the 1303 and 1305 nylon tube brushes.

    Thank you,
    Josh Adams

  • Hi ,
    I’m looking for a brush that has a 3/4 brush diameter with a brush length of about 4 inches and and over all length of 12 inches. Do you have that?
    Thank you!


    Thank you for your inquiry. The 1225 matches the specs you provided. It is a black bristle tube brush. More information here:

    Josh Adams

  • I have a tube 2" in diameter what brush do you suggest

    Thank you for your inquiry. The 1237 is a 2" DIA manual tube brush. I'm not sure how deep you need to go, but the 1237 is 16" OAL.

  • Are all brushes not explicitly described as "imported" made in USA? Do you find the USA-made brushes to be meaningfully superior to the imported ones, in terms of performance and longevity of life?

    Also, what are the considerations for buying/using brushes with wood handles vs. plastic handles. I'm thinking mainly of the toothbrush-style brushes (though there are other types) where the same brush is available in both plastic and wood. I only have experience using such brushes with plastic handles. Aside from perhaps solvent resistance I can't think of any advantages or disadvantages to wood over plastic and vice versa. Is it primarily an aesthetic matter, or are there technical and performance considerations I'm missing? Thanks!

    In the instances where we offer a domestic-grade and and import-grade version of a similar brush (for example with our Chip brushes the domestic version is considered highest quality. Regarding wood vs plastic handles, plastic would do better in a wet environment and is generally more economical. Thank you for your inquiry.

  • Are these straws ok to use on Yeti straws?

    Yes, these brushes would work on drinking straws.

    Thank you

  • I am looking for pipette nylon brushes with a brush diameter of 2 mm and 3 mm. The brush should be not be more than 6 inches in length. What do you suggest? Thank you.

    Thank you for your inquiry. The 1114N and 1122N mini tube brushes are matches to your diameters. Please note the OAL is 4" on these brushes.

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