Solo Horton Industrial Brushes

1500 Power Driven Side Action Brushes of Steel or Stainless Steel

1500 Power Driven Side Action Brushes of Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Side action tube brushes have an almost solid concentration of bristles to clean the inner walls of tubes and cylinders
  • This high concentration of 0.005 inch bristles means almost no flexing during operation
  • Available in carbon or stainless steel bristles, the stem is stainless steel
  • H1, H2 holders are recommended
  • Especially effective in cleaning threaded holes or where sides of cylinder need cleaning all the way to the end of a blind hole

Be sure stem is firmly chucked and heed warning labels found with brushes. Wear eye protection at all times.
Do not exceed 2,000 rpm maximum safe free speed!

Discount Per Size: 3 Dozen-10%, 6 Dozen-15%, 12 Dozen-20%

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Catalog # MaterialBrush Turning DiamaterOverall LengthBrush Part LengthStem Diameter Price Quantity
1503CS Carbon Steel1/42 1/89/16.099 $1.55
1505CS Carbon Steel3/82 1/89/16.099 $1.72
1507CS Carbon Steel7/162 1/89/16.099 $1.76
1509CS Carbon Steel1/22 1/89/16.099 $1.79
1511CS Carbon Steel5/82 1/45/8.15 $2.08
1513CS Carbon Steel3/42 1/45/8.15 $2.27
1515CS Carbon Steel7/82 1/45/8.15 $2.31
1517CS Carbon Steel12 1/45/8.15 $3.04
1503SS Stainless Steel1/42 1/89/16.099 $2.25
1505SS Stainless Steel3/82 1/89/16.099 $2.15
1509SS Stainless Steel1/22 1/89/16.099 $2.35
1513SS Stainless Steel3/42 1/45/8.15 $2.84
1517SS Stainless Steel12 1/45/8.15 $3.13

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