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H1/H2 Holders for 1500 Series Brushes

H1/H2 Holders for 1500 Series Brushes
Starting at $20.95
  • Use for stiffening 1500 series side action tube brushes
  • Holder slips over twisted wire brush stem and is firmly chucked into drill press or hand-held drill
  • Observe max safe free speed recommendations.

Discount Per Size 1-Dozen-10%, 2 Dozen-15%, 3 Dozen-20%

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Catalog # Holder Diameter Price Quantity
H1 1/4 $20.95
H2 3/8 $20.95

Questions & Answers

  • Wanting to use one of these holders for the 1655CS carbon steel brush. Do these work on this brush? And how long is the holder anyways? Not much detail is given. Thank you.

    No, the holders are for the 1500 series, the 1600 series has a thicker stem.
    Thank you.

  • How long are the H1/H2 Holders for 1500 Series Brushes

    The holder lengths are as follows:
    H1 - 4" OAL
    H2 - 3.5" OAL
    Thank you for your inquiry.

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