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1800 Small Diameter Wire Wheels With Copper Centers, Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Fill

1800 Small Diameter Wire Wheels With Copper Centers, Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Fill
Starting at $3.71

Small diameter wheel brushes are perfect brushing tools for cleaning, deburring, finishing or roughening hard to get at places larger diameter wheels can't reach. Also good for stripping insulation from wire. Made of stainless steel or carbon steel with copper centers that hold wire securely. Maximum safe free speed is 20,000 rpm for all 1800 series sizes.

Discount per Size: 10 pcs-10%, 30 pcs-15%, 50 pcs-20%

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Catalog # MaterialDiameterWire SizeFace WidthArbor Hole Diameter Price Quantity
1801CS Carbon Steel1 1/4.008.171/4 $4.09
1802CS Carbon Steel1 1/4.006.171/4 $9.55
1804CS Carbon Steel1 3/8.006.171/4 $4.44
1807CS Carbon Steel1 1/2.008.203/8 $4.30
1810CS Carbon Steel1 1/2.0118.203/8 $8.62
1813CS Carbon Steel1 1/2.014.203/8 $3.71
1816CS Carbon Steel2.008.251/2 $4.72
1819CS Carbon Steel2.0118.251/2 $4.26
1822CS Carbon Steel2.014.251/2 $6.73
1824CS Carbon Steel2 1/2.008.251/2 $5.79
1825CS Carbon Steel2 1/2.0118.251/2 $5.26
1828CS Carbon Steel2 1/2.014.251/2 $4.41
1831CS Carbon Steel3.006.251/2 $7.43
1834CS Carbon Steel3.008.251/2 $5.96
1837CS Carbon Steel3.014.251/2 $10.13
1843CS Carbon Steel4.014.251/2 $5.79
1802SS Stainless Steel1 1/4.006.171/4 $7.94
1807SS Stainless Steel1 1/2.008.203/8 $8.98
1810SS Stainless Steel1 1/2.0118.203/8 $7.68
1816SS Stainless Steel2.008.251/2 $8.72
1819SS Stainless Steel2.0118.251/2 $8.35
1822SS Stainless Steel2.014.251/2 $6.98
1831SS Stainless Steel3.006.251/2 $13.84
1834SS Stainless Steel3.008.251/2 $11.13
1837SS Stainless Steel3.0104.251/2 $10.48
1840SS Stainless Steel3.020.251/2 $10.03
1843SS Stainless Steel4.014.251/2 $13.47

Questions & Answers

  • Are your copper center wheels made in the USA?


    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, the 1800 small wheel brushes are Made in USA.

    Josh Adams

  • I'm looking for 5 -1/4 in diameter wheel brush. Do you habe any of that size? (or close), its for a 135mm application I need to have something close to that

    Juan, would a 6" diameter wheel brush work? This is the smallest diameter of our large-face series wheel brushes Thank you!

  • Which is the heaviest gauge wire wheel among the four choices of 3-inch wheels listed Thank you!

    The 1840 in CS or SS is the heaviest gauge wire (widest wire DIA) of the 3" DIA.
    Thank you,

  • do you carry carbon STEEL WHEEL BRUSH 3/4 INCH DIAMETER

    Not as a wheel. For that we recommend a 1600 tube brush. The 1635 and 1637 are 3/4" DIA.
    Thank you,

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