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2600 Radial End Wire Brush

2600 Radial End Wire Brush
Starting at $5.86

Round Wire Brush

  • These round wire brushes are similar to the 1800 series, except the brush part is permanently mounted on 1/4 inch shanks between oversize sideplates.
  • This eliminates the need for separate shanks.
  • The stiffness of this round wire cleaning brush is equal to bench mounted wheels without excess weight, which can cause operator fatigue.
  • The 2600 round wire cleaning brushes are available in carbon and stainless steel.
  • Maximum safe free speed is 20,000 RPM for all sizes.

Discount Per Size: 20 pieces-10%, 50 pieces-15%, 70 pieces-20%

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Catalog # MaterialDiameterWire DiameterStandard Pack Price Quantity
2605CS Carbon Steel1 1/2".00810 $6.90
2610CS Carbon Steel1 1/2".011810 $5.86
2615CS Carbon Steel2".00610 $9.45
2620CS Carbon Steel2".01410 $6.36
2625CS Carbon Steel3.00610 $9.99
2630CS Carbon Steel3.01410 $8.06
2610SS Stainless Steel1 1/2.011810 $10.20
2615SS Stainless Steel2.00610 $12.49
2617SS Stainless Steel2 1/2.00810 $12.78
2620SS Stainless Steel2.01010 $9.91
2625SS Stainless Steel3.00610 $16.02
2630SS Stainless Steel3.01410 $12.46

Questions & Answers

  • If the description says it comes in a 10 pack is the price per 10 pack or each item in the 10 pack?

    In other words if the item comes in a 10 pack and the price says $10.13, is it $10.13 for the 10 pack box or $10.13 for each item in the box?

    The price you see on the 2600 page is unit cost - price per each item. The standard pack is there as a reference to show they typically come packed.
    Thank you,

  • What is the Face Width, Trim Length and Stem length of 2617CS

    Thank you for your inquiry. 2617CS specs are as follows:
    3/8" face width
    1/2" trim length
    1" stem length
    1/4" stem DIA
    2 1/2" DIA
    .008" wire DIA
    Thank you,

  • What is the face width on part # 2630SS?

    1/2" face width on the 2630.

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