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2700 Utility Wire Cup Brush

2700 Utility Wire Cup Brush
Starting at $6.36

Carbon and Stainless Steel Cup Brushes

Universal wire cup brushes have 1/4 inch lockshanks and are easily mountable in electric or air tools. Hollow center design allows a large amount of material to be removed without buildup. Wire cup brushes are constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel. We carry both carbon steel and stainless steel cup brushes. Maximum safe free speed is 13,000 RPM for all wire cup brush sizes.

Discount Per Size: 20 pieces-10%, 50 pieces-15%, 70 pieces-20%

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Catalog # MaterialDiameterWire DiameterStandard Pack Price Quantity
2705CS Carbon Steel1 3/4.00610 $8.92
2710CS Carbon Steel1 3/4.01410 $6.36
2712CS Carbon Steel2 1/4.00810 $8.81
2715CS Carbon Steel2 1/4.011810 $7.88
2720CS Carbon Steel2 3/4.00610 $12.19
2725CS Carbon Steel2 3/4.01410 $8.81
2727CS Carbon Steel2 3/4.011810 $9.02
2705SS Stainless Steel1 3/4.00610 $11.92
2710SS Stainless Steel1 3/4.01410 $10.11
2712SS Stainless Steel2 1/4.00810 $12.12
2715SS Stainless Steel2 1/4.011810 $12.37
2725SS Stainless Steel2 3/4.01410 $14.07
2727SS Stainless Steel2 3/4.011810 $13.87

Questions & Answers

  • How do you clean the wire brushes

    Cindy, you could use soap and water on the Stainless Steel bristles, or our toothbrush style cleaning brush might also work

    Thank you!

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