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2800 Solid Wire End Brush

2800 Solid Wire End Brush
Starting at $5.93

Wire End Brushes

These wire end brushes are great for scale, slag, rust, paint, rubber, or plastic flash removal, as well as many other cleaning or finishing operations. The wire end brush is available in carbon steel or stainless. Maximum safe free speed is 20,000 RPM for all sizes.

Discount Per Size: 20 pieces-10%, 50 pieces-15%, 70 pieces-20%

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Catalog # MaterialDiameterWire Size Price Quantity
2805CS Carbon Steel1/2.006 $6.45
2810CS Carbon Steel1/2.0104 $5.93
2815CS Carbon Steel3/4.006 $9.78
2820CS Carbon Steel3/4.0104 $6.60
2825CS Carbon Steel3/4.014 $9.83
2830CS Carbon Steel1.006 $14.03
2835CS Carbon Steel1.0104 $8.58
2840CS Carbon Steel1.014 $8.50
2845CS Carbon Steel1.020 $9.31
2805SS Stainless Steel1/2.006 $7.84
2810SS Stainless Steel1/2.0104 $9.64
2815SS Stainless Steel3/4.006 $11.06
2820SS Stainless Steel3/4.0104 $9.35
2825SS Stainless Steel3/4.014 $8.09
2830SS Stainless Steel1.006 $16.42
2835SS Stainless Steel1.0104 $12.83
2840SS Stainless Steel1.014 $12.60
2845SS Stainless Steel1.020 $12.18

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