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2300 Large Diameter Wire Wheels Brush w/ Arbor Adapters to Your Spec

2300 Large Diameter Wire Wheels Brush w/ Arbor Adapters to Your Spec
Starting at $4.42

Grinder Wheel Brushes

The dense fill of crimped carbon steel wire on our grinder wheel brushes provide effective cleaning or cutting action when run at the proper speeds. Select our 2300 grinder wheel brushes for applications such as burr removal, edge blending, finishing for appearance, or roughening for adhesion. Need stainless? The B014 is made with .014" SS wire.

The standard 2 inch Arbor Hole diameter may be reduced by inserting a set of 230 series adapters which are furnished free with each grinder wheel brush purchased.
Extra 230 adapter sets may be purchased separately. 

Discount Per Size: 10 pieces-10%, 30 pieces-15%, 50 pieces-20%

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Catalog # DiameterWire DiameterFace WidthWidth on ArborMax. Safe Free Speed Price Quantity
A006 6.0067/83/46000 $123.08
A0118 6.01187/83/46000 $68.21
A020 6.0141 1/1613/166000 $67.05
B006 8.0067/814500 $120.18
B0118 8.01187/814500 $87.36
B014 8.014 SS1"1"6000 $250.55
B020 8.0207/814500 $82.86
C020 10.0201 7/161 5/163600 $126.87
D006 6.0061 1/161 1/166000 $168.85
D0118 6.01181 1/161 1/166000 $88.52
E006 8.0061 1/41 3/166000 $251.74
E012 8.0121 3/87/86000 $119.50
H006 8.0067/814500 $231.87
H012 8.0127/814500 $141.68
230 Arbor Adaptor $4.42

Questions & Answers

  • We are a wood working company that builds doors and millwork. We are working on a reclaimed door project, and I'm looking for a wire brush wheel to be mounted into a sander of ours. The need is to wire brush cut edges of the reclaimed wood.

    Wheel needed: 1" arbor diameter, can use reducers - not sure how to order this -- outside diameter about 6" -- not sure on wire diameter would probably get a couple options if available to test.

    My questions are primarily what is available in these specs and how do I order.

    Thank you for your inquiry. We have a series of 6" DIA wheel brushes you can find here - https://www.solobrushes.com/products/2300-large-diameter-wire-wheels-supplied-with-arbor-adapters-to-your-spec-4157/

    Adapters can be used as needed to get the right arbor DIA.

    To order, you can submit order on the web site, email PO to sales@solobrushes.com or call 860-496-8591.
    Thank you,

  • We are looking for a replacement wire wheel for an old Hisey Wolf grinder. We need the arbor mount hole to be about 1 1/16" diameter and brush OD to be 6". Am I reading the above chart correctly that the D006 or D0118 would be the right size arbor mount?

    Correct - the D006 and D0118 each have a 1 1/16" arbor hole.
    Thank you,

  • Can you go as large as 40mm bore with 6" diameter?

    The arbor hole is 2" and can adapt down to 1 1/2" or 1 1/4". We don't adapt to metric - but the 1 1/2" is quite close and may work for your arbor setting.
    Thank you,

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